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40K Cavitation RF Slimming treatment:

Procedure time may vary depends on size of areas

The newest Ultrasound Fat Cavitation system is the painless treatment allows body to break down fat cells, remove fat and cellulite. This treatment  will improve skin tightening, body Sculpting, lymphatic drainage, enhance blood circulation, sweat away waste.                 Treatment time: Per area 50-70 mins $120
Package Deal: $500/ 5 sessions









Hifu LipoSonix body slimming:

There are for individuals who are looking to get rid of stubborn fat areas which diet and exercise have simply been ineffective in dealing with. Hifu-LipoSonix treatment utilizes high-intensity waves of ultrasound to destroy fat cells forever, without harm to the surrounding tissues – while you simply lay back and relax. Results are permanent for the treated area because you will not produce new fat cells ). One treatment targets approximately one inch from a person’s stomach or waistline. Full results should be seen within 2 to 3 months after the procedure has been performed.                             Treatment time: 50-90 mins / $300
Deal: $600/ 3 sessions